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GTweak is a cmd.exe batch script intended for Windows tweaking. It offers a wide variety of tweaks, but it's best feature is drive policies' management: you can tweak AutoRun registry settings, define drives for which you want to have AutoRun disabled, define drives to hide and to prevent access to. It is also possible to create registry backups (for Vista and higher also creates a backup NtUser.Dat and UsrClass.dat). It has two modes of work: Wizard Mode (for average-skill users) and normal, prompt mode (so called advanced mode). First mentioned mode is the default, user chooses tweaks using keypad. Second is like command prompt, but program supports only its commands. In order to see commands of GTweak, type ? (it shows ReadMe). GTweak comes with a simple script parser (no piping or streaming, just linear parsing), usage of which is described in gtweak.txt file inside the ZIP file. Program does not use external utilities, excluding these appended to system (reg.exe, find.exe ... ). Majority of tweaks is reversible.

May 19, 2012: The project has been discontinued. Contact the author if you need custom development.

Key features of GTweak:

» registry backup
» AutoRun settings manager
» drive policies manager (NoDriveAutoRun, NoDrives, NoViewOnDrive)
» simple script parser
» DisallowRun policy manager
» Hide "Show hidden files and folders" radiobutton
» Apply various Explorer and System policies from the prompt


GTweak v1.56
SuppressDwmPerformancePrompts v1.30
RegXchg v1.00
Hiew ShellExt #4
WAB Backup and Restore v1.00
Reg.exe for 2k/XP/2k3/Vista/2k8/7

Micha³ Hanebach